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The Best Ways to Get Moving More with California Almonds, Charity Miles and Health & Wellness Coach, Massy Arias


Massy Arias

The road to being your best self can start with smart snacking

MODESTO, Calif. – With the summer season and warmer weather upon us, we can give ourselves permission to embrace the great outdoors and challenge ourselves to walk, run or bike more than we have in the last year or so. Indoors or outdoors, daily movement is essential to our wellbeing.  Fueling that daily movement is the part of the equation that can really make or break your overall mood. Plant-based, natural fuel like almonds, which contain protein, fiber, and energy-boosting nutrients, can help you feel motivated to walk further or run faster.  

A great incentive to move more is the ability to do good for your community while fitting in that daily walk or run. California Almonds has partnered with Charity Miles, a movement-tracking app where you can support causes through exercise. The app lets you log various types of exercise, from running and walking to dancing and biking, and select a charity of your choice to support with your movement count. As of April 2021, Charity Miles has tracked 558,240 users who have completed 1,038,501 workouts and 2,913,801 miles with California Almonds, and there is always more need out in our communities. Simply download the app here to get started. 

While it may be difficult to find that initial motivation, Massy Arias, celebrity health & wellness coach, has some good starting points. Get inspired by fueling up on almonds and kick-starting your fitness goals by checking out Massy Arias’ virtual beginners class here.  Massy often reminds others that the gym isn’t the only outlet to get fit and be healthy. Whether your activity of choice is going on daily walks around the neighborhood or standing up to stretch every hour, get that movement in! When we fuel our body with the right nutrients, the possibilities are endless, but above all, we feel good and want to do good for others.

“Your overall wellness is directly connected with your daily choices. Be conscious about the snacks you eat and your daily movement. Almonds can be the first step to the best version of yourself,” said Massy. “When we are feeling our best, we can influence those around us to come together as a community and accomplish GREAT things. California Almonds has partnered with an organization that gives back, while you join a community that’s got your back – as we all work towards being our best selves.”

Today, Massy speaks candidly about her past, highlighting how she overcame her challenges by changing her lifestyle, focusing on consistent training and understanding that her body needs nourishing foods. You can reach new heights by providing your body with the right nutrients to keep moving as you help your community along the way with California Almonds. 

Fuel up on almonds and kick off your movement goals with a virtual beginner's workout and stretch session, featuring Massy Arias HERE.

Read more about Massy Arias and peek at some of Massy's favorite recipes for tasty and easy-to-make snacks and lunches HERE.

For more information about California Almonds and Massy Arias’ simple, yet delicious recipes, please visit For more information about Charity Miles, please visit

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Massy Arias