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Be Your Best You With Almonds and Trainer Massy Arias

Renowned Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer Massy Arias shares how to Fuel Good, Feel Good, and Do Good with Almonds.

Everybody has a story. Some may have faced struggle, challenge, disappointment, adversity, and those stories are what lead us to rise, compete, inspire, and bless, just like health maven Masssy Arias. At a very early age, Massy had to learn how to be independent in a new country, despite the language barriers, and rise above her depression, using movement and healthy food as medicine. If there’s anyone that understands how a focus on health and wellness can turn your life around, it’s Massy. Now, her core mission is to lead an exemplary lifestyle, change lives, and inspire a new generation to do the same.

“There is a huge connection between what we choose to eat and how we feel,” said Massy. “You can reach your best you by following a simple formula: fuel yourself with good foods, so that you feel good and are able to do good in your community.”

Massy believes having a balanced approach to how we take care of our bodies will ultimately lead to the best versions of ourselves, inside and out. Your story starts with you. Read more of Massy’s goal setting tips on how to be, feel, and do YOU at 100 percent.

The Best You:  Inspirational Tips from Massy Arias

Massy knows there’s a strong connection between the foods that fuel you and the way you feel. From snacking to movement to relationship building, being present in every step of your story leads to creating a healthier version of you. Read more of Massy’s resilient tips below.

1. Be Your Best, Always Progress.

Being a work in progress is a wonderful thing. We are given a chance every day to improve ourselves and become something and someone better than we already are. It doesn’t mean you are incomplete. It doesn’t mean you are not enough. Being a work in progress means your story continues. Focus on the underlying reasons that drive your every action, allowing you to progress on those habits, qualities, and traits you want to improve.

2. Diversify Your Snacking

Balance is key for me – I never deprive myself from what my body craves, and make sure to give my body the fuel it needs. Since my days start so early, I like to incorporate mindful snacking, once after breakfast and once before dinner. One of my favorite snacks is a post-lunch favorite: popcorn and almonds. Popcorn satisfy a craving for saltiness, while almonds add the natural 6g of plant-based protein the fuels my body’s energy levels.

4. Pencil Your Snack In.

Make your health a priority. Know what matters most to you and be unwilling to compromise yourself as a priority. Even when our schedules are packed, our days are shorter, and “me time” feels less available, I recommend you pencil yourself a snack break. If you keep an agenda or calendar reminder, allow yourself a resiliency break to focus on you. For example, I block a 15-minute window in my afternoons to give myself nutritional love with a yummy almond milk shake. It provides a break in my routine, creates an activity, and adds a healthy snack to fuel up with and feel good the rest of the day.

5. No Excuses.

Run, walk, jump, or move. Get moving in any way you can but do it every day. There are 24 hours in a day – dedicate just one of them to becoming the stronger and better version of yourself by staying active. Moving your body can improve stability, balance, and organization. PLUS – physical activity may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and less anxious, which can ultimately lead to a boost in your confidence and self-esteem.

6. Fuel Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Your story starts with you. Change starts with you, too. No step to achieving a greater good is too big or too small to leave a large impact. I choose certain foods as fuel to help elevate myself and accomplish more. I keep almonds on-hand to snack on, each one-ounce serving contains nutrients that contribute to me feeling energized and ready to inspire greatness.

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