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Registered Dietitian Maggie Michalczyk Gets Ready to Celebrate Global Wellness Day with California Almonds

Enjoy the process of achieving your wellness goals with this expert approved GRWM routine


MODESTO, Calif. (June 6, 2023) - Setting aside the time to take care of ourselves can often get pushed to the backburner, amidst busy routines and schedules, planning for upcoming travels and sometimes just not knowing how to get started. With Global Wellness Day right around the corner on June 10, it’s time to bring wellness to the top of your to-do list and celebrate all aspects of well-being. For starters, here’s one reliable ritual to incorporate in your routine – snacking on almonds to help you achieve your health goals. To get ready for Global Wellness Day, registered dietitian Maggie Michalczyk is sharing her “get ready with me” (GRWM) routine for those seeking expert advice on how to start putting their well-being first, today and beyond.  

This step-by-step GRWM by RD Maggie can be your go-to guide for healthy habits to add to your routine:

  • Start your day with a balanced meal. The first step to a nourishing morning is a balanced meal. Breakfast provides the necessary fuel to kick off the day, so I include nutrient-dense foods like almonds. Now that it’s summertime, blend up a refreshing and filling Tropical Almond Smoothie made with almond butter or sprinkle almonds on a bowl of yogurt and seasonal fruit.
  • Practice gratitude. Writing down a couple things I’m grateful for in the morning has been a powerful way to set the tone for my day. Try focusing on what you’re thankful for and see the impact it can have on your entire day! 
  • Get moving! I love to incorporate movement into my mornings, whether I’m following a fun sculpt and dance cardio exercise or going for a walk. Bonus points if I can go outside to soak up a little sunshine and enjoy nature! Be sure to follow up your movement with a fulfilling snack like almonds, one of my favorite post-workout snacks because of their nutrient profile.  
  • Make time for skincare. Doing my skincare routine in the morning is a must, but it’s important to remember that skin health goes beyond the products we put on! I approach skincare from the inside out, so I also think about the foods in my diet that support skin health, like almonds. One serving of almonds provides 50% of the recommended daily value of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to protect skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals caused by pollution, UV rays, cigarette smoke and other factors. Plus, that one serving of almonds also contains 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 13 grams of “good” unsaturated fat and 1g of saturated fat - so you can start your day getting your glow on while also eating a nutrient-rich snack.
  • Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. There’s something about wearing a chic yet comfortable outfit that makes me happy and gives me a confidence boost throughout the day (certain colors definitely make me feel more powerful)! When it comes to what you’re wearing, consider dopamine dressing, which is all about wearing things that bring you joy and help you show up as your best self to help boost the happy hormone: dopamine. 

Global Wellness Day can serve as a reminder to show yourself love—today and every day. For me, self-love includes starting my day with a nourishing meal, movement, and mini moments of self-care,” says Michalczyk. “If you’re interested in embracing morning wellness habits, start small. Today, you might make time to prepare a nourishing breakfast with nutrient-dense ingredients like almonds. Focusing on one small habit at a time will give you the momentum and confidence to continue building a morning routine that sets you up for success leading to more nourished days.”

The delight of the many GRWM routines circulating on social feeds is that no two are the same – just like wellness. Health and well-being are personal and by making time for it in your routine, you can choose those self-care moments to achieve your individual goals. Maggie suggests considering the steps that are most applicable to your needs, whether that’s taking a moment to practice gratitude or grabbing a handful of almonds as a post-workout snack. No matter how you create your personal GRWM routine, as Global Wellness Day nears, remember to get ready with wellness in mind!

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