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Manifesting Your Best Self with Beach Volleyball Pro Kerri Walsh Jennings and California Almonds


Kerri Walsh Jennings

The three-time mom and gold medalist shares how she stays emotionally and physically resilient

MODESTO, Calif. – From experimenting with a make-shift home gym to attempting a virtual meditation session, maintaining overall sense of well-being can seem like a never-ending match against an unstoppable opponent. For renowned American professional beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings, searching for the strength to persevere as an athlete, training for tournaments, sticking to a balanced diet, and spending time with the family, can deplete her zeal and emotions to say the least. Between working to stay on top of her game and being an example to her loved ones, having natural and healthy food choices within arm’s reach is a necessity. Snacking on natural foods like almonds can be your most trusted way to regain a sense of stability.

Kerri’s key to acing her every day is rooted in the habits that help her feel her best. As a longtime fan of almonds as a source of energy, Kerri teamed up with California Almonds to show how fueling up on almonds can empower you to feel your best and prosper in the face of adversity. Choosing the right snack does not have to become an opponent to in your journey to achieving overall wellness. Kerri believes that snacking on almonds is the perfect foundation as a one ounce serving of almonds (23 to be exact) is a natural energy booster that gives you an extra pep in your step to dominate every hour.

“Life is full of surprises that challenge you to your core, that’s why it’s important to have consistent, wellness-driving habits to keep you grounded. An essential go-to of mine is having a reliable snack like almonds on-hand,” says Kerri. “Almonds are a perfect combination of taste, health and convenience. Their unique nutritional makeup can help me feel my best by preventing overconsumption or running on empty. Keeping my energy up, so I can always be fully present, is super important in my day-to-day as it helps navigate obstacles and accomplish my goals.”

As a professional athlete and mom of three, Kerri has concocted a number of almond-forward recipes that keep her fueled and ready for anything. Before heading out on an adventurous hike or attempting a new workout, try Kerri’s Pre-Workout Trail Mix, a delicious mix of ingredients with protein and dietary fiber. After a full day of action, Kerri’s Golden Hour Gold Milk is packed-full of calming properties that promotes both sleeping and muscle relaxation, resulting in a refreshed mood the following day.

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Kerri Walsh Jennings