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Almonds for Healthy Beautiful Skin

A New Approach with Health Professionals in China


California almond exports to China continue to rebound according to the August 2021 Position Report despite tariffs and COVID-19 related challenges. With such positive signals and a strong belief in the market’s potential, ABC continues to build market awareness of almonds as an “essential step in your everyday skin beauty routine.”

Although skin beauty remains a key driver of almond consumption for Chinese consumers, health has become a key priority in the market due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, observations find that skin issues have increased due to the prolonged use of face masks during the pandemic. In response to these key insights, the message in China has evolved to “healthy, beautiful skin” by redefining skin beauty to reflect the idea that “healthy skin is truly beautiful skin."

Live-stream teaser for health professional activation “Beauty 123”

Continuing the success of last year’s “The Skin Experts” program, an upgraded “The Skin Experts 2.0” program was launched in August and September, themed “Beauty 123” which encouraged eating 23 almonds every day to improve skin beauty. The campaign leveraged an expanded partnership with health and beauty influencers –including two dermatologists, one nutritionist and one cosmetic formulator.

The program began with an educational and entertaining, sitcom-style livestream in which these health and beauty influencers walked into consumers’ daily skin beauty routines to discover the truth behind common skincare myths. With their credibility and health knowledge, the influencers reinforced the importance of skin health when it comes to beautiful skin and endorsed almonds’ skin benefits.

Health professionals on the set of California almonds’ sitcom-style livestream

In addition, consumers were able to test their “skin age” and learn more details about their skin condition with an exclusive H5 online application. After the skin test, the health and beauty influencers gave professional advice to consumers for improving their skin health, such as eating a handful of almonds every day.

Skin test H5 application that allows consumers to test their skin age and skin condition

“The Skin Experts 2.0” campaign has spread widely across social media totaling over 176 million impressions. Over 22 million viewers tuned in live to watch the broadcast, which ultimately received more than 36 million total views, while over 300,000 consumers joined the skin test through the H5 application.

In the year ahead, the China program will continue to leverage the credibility, influence, and knowledge of health and beauty influencers to reach Chinese consumers, strengthening their awareness of the health and beauty benefits of California almonds.