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Episode 13: Investments in Nutrition Research with George Goshgarian Sr.


Episode 13 of the Almond Journey Podcast introduces listeners to George Goshgarian Sr. George is an almond grower, chairman of the Almond Board of California’s Nutrition Research Committee and a Doctor. The episode unpacks the key role nutrition research continues to play in growing the global consumption of almonds. George shares some of the successes and challenges of the past 15+ years that he has been involved with on the committee. Through the discussion, listeners will gain even more of an appreciation for how important this work is for all almond growers and handlers, and the effort that goes into this by people like George who volunteer their time to serve the industry.

To me, that's the only reason this committee exists and should exist is to do research that will assist this industry in promoting sales in almonds
George Goshgarian Sr.
In Today’s episode:
  • Meet George Goshgarian Sr., an almond grower and the chairman of the Almond Board’s Nutrition Research Committee.
  • Discover the scope, process and effectiveness of the Almond Board’s nutrition research projects.
  • Explore what future projects and research efforts are in progress to continue and increase demand.
My opinion is that the work we have accomplished in nutrition research has been one of the major reasons for the increased sales of almonds over the years.
George Goshgarian Sr.

Find more information about the health and nutrition benefits of almonds at

ABC Update

To bring in more perspectives on how the valuable work of the Almond Board’s Nutrition Research Committee gets done, we talk to Dr. Swati Kalgaonkar. She has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and extensive nutrition clinical research experience. Her primary focus is oversight of ABC contracted nutrition research, public policy analysis and synthesis, and information dissemination in support of the almond industry’s global strategy.

Several sessions at the 2021 Almond Conference will highlight nutritional research and global marketing efforts. Register now for the Almond Conference December 7-9.

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