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How to Achieve Your Very Best Self


Success begins with our mind - it’s the single most powerful asset you have to drive the change you desire for yourself. The mind allows us to envision our goals and becomes the driving force behind our physical efforts. But without properly fueling our mind, our efforts suffer, and we fall short of achieving our fullest potential. 

I want to inspire you to form healthy habits to become your very best self! In fact, I want to give you the tools I use to not only help my celebrity clientele transform, but to set the course for achieving my own best self! 

The Corey Calliet people see today started with a vision and has been built with a mindset fueled by healthy habits. No matter the magnitude of your goals, understand that by creating and maintaining healthy habits, you will attain the results you’re after! Whether you’re training for a big role (like one of my clients Michael B. Jordan), training for a 5k or simply looking to get back on track, creating and sticking to healthy habits will help you achieve your goals and become your very best self. Now keep in mind, your journey is your own. Your goals are personal and should be set to your own personal fitness and nutrition needs. 

Here’s my quick checklist to align your goals with healthy habits and the mindset you need to succeed:

Have A Destination in Mind + Know How You’re Going to Get There 

  • Your goals are the destination you desire to reach on your journey. Yes, these may change along the way, but you need to have a clear idea of where you want to be! Now if you have a big goal in mind, it’s important to set small goals (check stops) to help you along the way. You need to have a plan mapped out to reach your goals. Not having the right plan in place (nutrition, exercise, etc.) is like trying to reach a destination without knowing the directions. 

Get Moving

  • Although I recommend getting on a solid training program, just get moving in any way you enjoy and stick to it! If you’re incorporating weight/resistance training, don’t worry about the amount of weight you start with, focus on progression and how you feel after doing it. The sense of accomplishment will help make this a healthy habit you want to stick to. And if you've experienced failed attempts at reaching fitness goals in the past, don't just do what you’ve done before. Remember, you absolutely have to push your limit to make change. Do something different. If you're used to cardio, head over to the weight training side of the gym. If you're stuck at the weight rack or don’t have access to a gym, add some HIIT-style workouts into your regimen.

Stay Fueled Up

  • Believe it or not, this is one of the most important factors to achieving your best self! Fueling yourself with healthy foods is absolutely essential in your overall journey. The foods we eat keep our mind focused and fuel our physical efforts. The key to success here is to ensure you always have a healthy snack on hand for when hunger strikes. In fact, according to a recent California Almonds survey that used Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel and surveyed 4,027 adults, almost three-quarters of consumers agree that having healthy snacks around keeps them from making unhealthy choices. Many people think they can out-train a bad diet, or they believe that by restricting themselves they will lose weight quicker (the opposite actually happens in this case). Think about your nutrition being the factor that not only fuels the level of energy you have to put into your goals but determines how far it takes you. Stick to lean proteins, powerful carbs, and healthful fats and don’t let your tank run dry. I like to snack on all-natural almonds. Nourish yourself with nutrient-dense food consistently throughout your eating window. Need some powerful snack inspiration? Give my Cocoa Dusted Almonds recipe a try! 

Stay the Course

  • Consistency is the key to success in anything. Any step toward your goals, no matter how small, will get you where you want to be. Every time you activate a healthy habit like fueling yourself properly, exercising and giving yourself proper rest and recovery, you’re working toward reaching your goals. Consistency is also your safeguard against falling off track. You will meet obstacles and barriers on your journey, however, maintaining your healthy habits will help ensure you’re sticking to your plan. Healthy habits can be hard to keep up when you’re busy and on-the-go, but most of us are trying to make a change for the better. According to the same California Almonds survey, nearly two-thirds of consumers have tried to start a new healthy habit or routine, but in general stick with it for only 6 months. This means most of us at some point have fallen into this cycle - it’s time to plan ahead and focus on consistency in your healthy habits!

Identify Roadblocks Ahead + Celebrate Your Successes 

  • Life is full of twists, turns, and straightaways. It is important to plan ahead and have an arsenal of tools to stay on track - your healthy habits! Busy day ahead? Prepare to keep up with your needs by making healthy, nourishing food to fuel your day ahead of time like my Almond Quinoa Power Bowl. Now if you get thrown off-course, the worst thing you can do is dwell on it as failure and give up. I see so many people hit a downward slide in their nutrition or training because of negative self-talk after a slip-up. Get right back on track and keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid to find your own ways to keep your healthy habits working for you! It’s also important to assess your progress and don’t forget to celebrate your successes. This will without a doubt inspire you to maintain your healthy habits!

Understand that it is important to keep your vision supported with healthy habits, and the right mindset to keep you on the path to success. What is the right mindset? Allowing healthy habits to become the foundation of your plan to succeed in your fitness and wellness journey. Stay fueled, stay moving, and stay the course - you’re on your way to being your best YOU!

About Corey Calliet

Celebrity Trainer, Body Transformation Specialist, and TV Personality, Corey Calliet, has built an unparalleled rapport within the entertainment industry since arriving in Los Angeles in 2014. With over 10 years of experience in sculpting and transforming physiques, Corey formulates and implements techniques catered to the specific goals and needs of each of his clients. Best known for his work in transforming Michael B. Jordan for his lead role as Adonis Creed in the movie Creed, Corey possesses the expertise and professionalism needed to successfully meet demands and sculpt physiques for the big screen, while coaching his clients to fully embody the characters they play. This work ethic has made an impact on many celebrity clients such as; John Boyega, Tyreke Evans, Lance Gross, Tony Bellew, Rocsi Diaz, Terrence Jenkins, Jasmine Sanders, James Frecheville, Robbie Jones, Sterling Brim, and Keith Powers. He stamped the motion picture world by way of Fox, MGM, Universal Pictures, Marvel, and Walt Disney.

As Corey's style is evident in the results you see in his clients, his physique is equally important. Recently deemed as one of the 50 Most Fit men in the world on the Flex50 list by AskMen Magazine alongside Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Conor McGregor; Corey and his work have been covered in an array of media outlets, including health & fitness and lifestyle magazines, such as: People Magazine, Men's Fitness, GQ, Men's Journal, MAXIM, TRAIN magazine, Brit + Co and Health Magazine.

In addition to training the stars and everyday people, Corey is a motivational speaker, a passionate advocate for the fight against childhood obesity, and a devoted father of one. Corey can be seen flexing his transformation skills as one of the Leading Trainers and Personality on E!'s hottest new show, Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian.