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Keys to a Winning Plant-Based Portfolio

Mainstream appeal of plant-based foods has continued to increase as more and more consumers are purchasing foods that fit their specific lifestyles. And that growth is only going to continue, spurring the need for creative product innovation across categories. According to Innova Market Insights:

  • Launches of new food and beverage products with plant-based claims have grown by 22% from 2016 to 2020.
  • Almonds were the #1 nut for plant-based product claims in 2020 thanks to their versatility across forms, textures and taste.

Unlock the keys to a winning plant-based product portfolio with over 14 versatile almond forms like almond milk and almond butter. Enjoy open access to the latest Innova data on global new product introductions, an on-demand Webinar with R&D tips for plant-based snack development, plant-based recipes featuring ingredients like almond protein powder and more.

Almonds in Action

With plant-based foods in the spotlight for both manufacturers and consumers, it’s crucial to know how to optimize taste and texture in plant-forward products. Certified Food Scientist (IFT) Rachel Zemser and the Almond Board of California recently highlighted the latest consumer snacking behaviors and demonstrated two plant-based snack recipes featuring forward-thinking almond flavors.

From the Orchard

Everyone has a happy place, and for Christine Gemperle, that place is deep in the heart of her almond orchards. When it comes to economic and environmental pressures that she and other almond growers often face, she remains optimistic to make growing almonds sustainably work.

Read More about Gemperle’s unique perspective here.

Plant-Based Power

With over 14 forms available, incorporating almonds into your snack routine is easier than ever. Almond Board consultant Chef Christine Farkas dives deep into the plant-based snacking trend, as she provides her insight on which forms allow innovation and formulation with ease.

Read More about powering plant-based snacking here.
Almond Cherry Blossom "Jelly Donut" Chia Pudding

This chia pudding recipe combines almond milk, chia seeds, coconut sugar, dried cherries and sliced almonds for a sweet and delicious morning snack.

Vegan Almond Queso

This cross-category dip incorporates almond butter and almond milk to deliver a tasty and plant-based take on one of the comfort-food classics. Nutritional yeast, roasted red pepper, and miso-paste, among other ingredients, deliver a perfectly cheesy flavor.

Vegan Patty with Almond Flour and Pea Protein

This vegan patty recipe combines defatted almond flour and pea vegetable protein to create the perfect plant-based alternative to a lunch and dinner staple.

Craving More Crunch?

Missed us at the Good Food Conference and Bridge2FoodSummit + Expo?

The Almond Board attended the Good Food Conference for the first time, which explored the latest consumer trends and sentiments in plant-based foods. The overwhelming consensus? Plant-based is here to stay. Now consumers are beginning to focus on plant-based foods and CPGs that are both tasty and created sustainably.

At the Bridge2Food Summit + Expo, The Almond Board hosted a session in partnership with Chef Henry Hill about changing plant-based innovation with two almond ingredients: almond milk and defatted almond flour. Both forms are at the forefront of plant-based innovation and have become increasingly popular with consumers and food professionals alike.

The Almond Conference

Now is the perfect time to register for the Almond Board of California’s 2021 Almond Conference taking place in-person in Sacramento on December 7-9, 2021. Expand your knowledge on all things almonds including production research, marketing updates, food quality, safety and more.

Register for the 2021 Almond Conference here.