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A Sneak Peek into Almond Innovation for Snacking & Beyond


With the snacking category at the forefront of trailblazing product innovation, almonds continue to take products to the next level by offering a versatile and nutritious range of ingredient applications. According to Innova Market Insights:

  • Almonds are the #1-nut type for snacks in North America and Europe, and #2 in Latin America and Asia-Pacific1.
  • Nearly 17% of snack introductions with almonds have a high/source of fiber claim. Health and choice claims are used more often on snack introductions with almonds, compared to total snack introductions.

Scroll down for open access to the latest data on almond trends and category demand, a webinar focused on appealing to consumers with sensory attributes, trend-forward almond recipes featured at the IFT First Expo and Event, and more!

Almonds in Action

Despite changing consumer tastes, lifestyles and preferences, almonds still reign supreme as the top nut in global new product development due to their adaptability when it comes to taste, texture and health benefits. Click below to learn more from Innova Market Insights on why almonds have been recognized globally as the #1 nut since 2006, how almond product development is continuing to adapt for the plant-based future, and what categories are at the cutting edge of almond innovation.

Read the report here.

Plant-Based Recipe Inspiration

Whipped Mocha-Almond Boba

Three almond forms – almond butter, milk, and flour – whipped together with cold brew coffee and boba in this dairy-free beverage that will appeal to consumers of all ages!

Spicy Almond Crunch Puffs

Enjoy a savory and crispy bite that brings the heat, coated with jalapeno seasonings, for a modern take on the grab-and-go snack.

Chocolate Almond Butter Rocky Rope

Early 2000s nostalgia is back with a take on the candy rope featuring almond butter, almond pieces, and an almond milk glaze for decadent treat.

From the Orchard

Ever wondered what growing almonds could teach about food waste? The Almond Board of California teamed up with the New York Times to share an inside look into the ways the almond industry has been tackling tough waste and water challenges. From whole-orchard recycling to the Almond Board’s 2025 Industry Goals, the California almond industry continues to live out the practice of “doing more with less."

Learn more about the innovative approaches here.

Plant-based Power

Utilizing sensory research findings from the Almond Board, Guangwei Huang Associate Director, Food Research and Technology, ABC, and Kathy Stephenson, Director of Marketing, CuliNex, possess the keys to unlocking a well-rounded sensory experience by incorporating almonds across food applications. Hear how product developers can maximize almonds’ flavors and textures to create ingredient pairings consumers crave and how the unique sensory attributes of almond forms can contribute to food applications in “Almonds: The Keys to Unlocking a Versatile Sensory Experience in Food Applications – A Supplier Solutions Webinar.”

Watch the webinar here.

Craving More Crunch?

Missed us at the IFT First Annual Event and Expo in Chicago? Check out event highlights like cutting-edge recipe concepts, almond trivia questions, and the latest almond resources and data below. We hope to see you there in-person in 2023!

Catch up on the highlights here.

And earlier this month, in tandem with the excitement surrounding one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, California Almonds launched a marketing campaign to celebrate Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder which hit theaters July 8.

Read more about the super-powered partnership here.


1Innova Market Insights, Global New Product Introductions Report, 2021. Released May 2022.