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California almonds

Whether your wellness is going on a walk, laughing with friends, or reading a book, almonds - like a good friend - will always tag along. Read More

Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
The “It” Factors Behind Consumers’ Preferred Plant-Based Milk
Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
The Nutritious Power of Almonds

Nutrition Appeal: Add the Healthy Halo of Almonds to Snack Products

Food Inspiration
Almonds & Chocolate: Hitting the Sweet and Savory Spots

Consumers’ top three texture choices in chocolate are “smooth,” “crunchy” and “creamy.” Bolster chocolate’s indulgence factor and expand flavor profiles with more than 15 versatile forms ranging from almond butter to whole roasted almonds.

Food Inspiration
Student Competition Inspires Next-Generation Almond Snack Products

Participants utilized the benefits of almonds to develop forward-thinking snack products, and the results are in!

Food Inspiration
Up-and-Coming Food Manufacturers Propel Innovation with Almonds

Where there’s innovation, there’s almonds! How almonds—and the Almond Board of California—can support innovative product development.

Food Inspiration
3 Ways Almonds Squash Barriers to New Product Innovation

For manufacturers formulating alternative to dairy products and plant-based protein sources, almonds are the go-to ingredient.