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The Almond Board recently partnered with The Atlantic to the highlight the California almond community’s commitment to responsible farming. You can read a preview of that article here.

Growing Good
Better Water Management for a Better California

Almond farmer Don Cameron recently penned an op-ed for leading California water publication, Maven’s Notebook. Learn More.

Health & Wellness
Dietitian E-news: Learning and Meeting from Home: FNCE Edition

The Almond Board of California will be at FNCE 2020 Virtual Event on October 17-20 so we can “meet” to discuss almond nutrition benefits and research, and you can get our popular almond tin.

Growing Good
Good for You, Good for the Earth

The final step of almonds’ orchard to table journey happens at the processing facility where they are sized and sorted. After that, California almonds are shipped to over 90 countries to be enjoyed by people around the world. And the biggest almond lovers are right here in the U.S., where over 30% of almonds grown in California each year are consumed.

Food Inspiration
The Almond Milk Advantage

Learn About the Numerous Benefits of Almond Milk Formulations

Growing Good
Huller/Sheller Spotlight: North State Hulling

California’s 2020 almond crop is getting one step closer to being enjoyed by all of you.

Health & Wellness
Supermarket Dietitian E-Newsletter: Plan for Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. This year, educating your shoppers – even if most of it is virtually – about the role of healthy eating for diabetes is more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic.