How Little Bees Win When Leaders Come Together

Almond orchards have transitioned from delicate white blooms to vibrant green leaves.  Honey bees, busy of course, have moved on to do their job in berries, cherries, citrus, melons, and the more than 90 different blossoming crops… Read more

Almonds and Water 101

Today, the California Water Resources Control Board is expected to adopt regulations implementing Governor Brown’s orders to cut water usage.  The restrictions are historic and serious, and it’s no surprise they’ve sparked significant… Read more

Karen Ross, Secretary of Food & Agriculture Weighs in on the Drought

A few days ago, the Modesto Bee ran an op-ed penned by Karen Ross, California’s Secretary of Food & Agriculture, raising concerns about the tone and accusations being made about agricultural water use during the drought. We… Read more

Seven Ways Almonds Provide Value for Californians

If you’ve been following the media conversation about California’s drought recently, you’ve probably seen discussion about how much water agriculture – and almonds specifically – use. One thing you don’t see as much of, though, is… Read more

2014 NASS Almond Acreage Survey

Today, the National Agricultural Statistical Survey from the USDA reported an increase in almond acreage. From the outside looking in, increasing acreage may seem counterintuitive to the current drought challenges facing our state. There… Read more

LA Times Meets Almond Growers, Corrects “Profoundly Misleading” Coverage

In her April 16 commentary, Los Angeles Times writer Robin Abcarian pushed back hard against the wave of California drought media reports unfairly and incorrectly targeting almonds. Her article headlined “Almonds, the demon of… Read more

The Water (Research) Pipeline

For almond growers, responsible stewardship of the environment is an everyday consideration, but since today is Earth Day, it’s a chance to step back and reflect a bit on where we are today and where we’re going. With California in the… Read more

The Latest News on Almonds and Water

Here in California we’re in the midst of a historic drought, so all of us are thinking more than usual about how we can be most efficient with our water use. The water required to grow almonds, an important crop in California, has become… Read more

Almonds Use 13% of California's Irrigated Farmland, But Just 9% of California's Agricultural Water

Almond OrchardAs we’ve discussed here on the blog before, there is a myth circulating about California almonds -- that growing them requires 10 percent of California’s total developed water. Alarming, right? Last week, the original author… Read more

Sharing Some of What We've Learned about Agriculture and Energy

At the end of March, the California Climate and Agriculture Network hosted its 4th California Climate and Agriculture Summit at the University of California, Davis.  The Summit “explores the science, policy and practice of… Read more