The Latest News on Almonds and Water

Here in California we’re in the midst of a historic drought, so all of us are thinking more than usual about how we can be most efficient with our water use. The water required to grow almonds, an important crop in California, has become… Read more

Almonds Use 13% of California's Irrigated Farmland, But Just 9% of California's Agricultural Water

Almond OrchardAs we’ve discussed here on the blog before, there is a myth circulating about California almonds -- that growing them requires 10 percent of California’s total developed water. Alarming, right? Last week, the original author… Read more

Sharing Some of What We've Learned about Agriculture and Energy

At the end of March, the California Climate and Agriculture Network hosted its 4th California Climate and Agriculture Summit at the University of California, Davis.  The Summit “explores the science, policy and practice of… Read more

Spring Clean Your Eating Routine

Four Tips to Spring into a Healthier YOU this Season Kate GeaganI love the first signs of spring – not only because it means I will soon finally be able to put away my snow boots for the season and dust off my mountain bike, but also… Read more

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: “Why almond growers aren’t the water enemy”

Recently there has been a broad mischaracterization about agriculture in the state: the claim that California farmers have not shared in the sacrifice caused by this drought. As Brad Gleason, an almond grower, notes in his recent op-ed… Read more

Almonds and Water: Just the Facts

Here in California we’re in the midst of a historic drought, so all of us are thinking about how we can be most efficient with our water use. We’ve used this blog and other parts of the website to share a variety of stories and information… Read more

Reflecting on Ag and Almonds in California

Today, March 18, is National Ag Day, when producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, and governmental agencies across America gather to recognize and celebrate all that agriculture contributes to American life. Here… Read more

Esquire Magazine Covers Multi-generational Farmers in the Central Valley

Esquire is a publication known for red-carpet fashion, but this week the magazine traded tuxedos and wingtips for plaid shirts and work boots with a fascinating look at the ins and outs of growing California almonds. Esquire recently met… Read more

How Sustainability is Shaping the Food and Nutrition Conversation

The way we define “healthy eating” appears to be changing. In late February, the nutrition world was abuzz with the release of the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Making global headlines was… Read more

Buds, Bees and Bloom- Part 3: Bloom

This post was written by Kern County almond grower Jenny Holtermann and originally appeared on her blog, You Say All-mend, I Say Am-end. This is the third in a series of guest posts from Jenny about the pollination process.  The final and… Read more