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BBC’s “The Green Planet” Spotlights California’s Almond Orchards


The Almond Board of California congratulates Sir David Attenborough and BBC’s The Green Planet team for a vibrant, beautifully produced docuseries about the complexities and surprisingly dramatic lives of plants. We appreciate their striking depictions of the interwoven nature of plant life, and all life on Earth, and their message that all of us need to protect the health and diversity of plant life for future generations.

We are honored that Sir David and his team highlighted California’s almonds orchards in their fifth and final episode, “Human Worlds,” looking at humans’ interactions with plants. It aired in prime time on PBS on Aug. 3 and the episode included segments delving into how almond farmers are playing a part in safeguarding the planet’s health and biodiversity. We are pleased they chose an almond farmer, Christine Gemperle of Gemperle Family Farms in Turlock, to help conclude the series by emphasizing one of her guiding principles and one of the messages of the docuseries: “It’s about finding balance,” she said.

For a behind the scenes look at the almond farms featured in the episode, check out the following blog posts:

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