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These 5 Health Claims Make Almonds a Star Ingredient in New Product Introductions

From gluten-free snacks to plant-based protein, new food products with almonds feature healthy label claims that meet global consumer dietary needs.

The health benefits of almonds make this nut a starring ingredient that can meet consumers’ growing interest in healthy and clean label claims. From gluten-free snacks to healthy indulgence, almonds are present in many products satisfying consumer lifestyles and dietary needs. According to Innova Market Insights:

  • Three-quarters of product launches with almonds in North America and nearly half in the EU feature a health claim. These new products made with almonds are being positioned to enhance various aspects of functional wellbeing.1
  • In 2021, the top five on-pack health claims associated with new product introductions that had almonds included2:

    1. Gluten-free (21%)
    2. No additives or preservatives (16%)
    3. High source of fiber (12%)
    4. Organic (12%)
    5. High source of protein (12%)

Click here to learn more about the health claims associated with new products featuring almonds in North America and Europe.

Almonds in Action

With the help of almonds, manufacturers can achieve various health claims without compromising taste or texture. These recipes bring gluten-free, high in protein, and high in fiber to life.

Flourless Almond Paste Cake with Raspberry Sauce

As the demand for gluten-free options grows, recipes like this delicious and light dessert satisfy gluten-free and guilt-free cravings with the use of almond flour and almond paste.

Honey Butter Almonds

As consumers look for better-for-you treats, this high in protein recipe contains 38g of protein per serving without forgoing indulgence.

Satisfying Smoked Almond & Edamame Salad

Nutritious snacking is achievable with recipes like this flavorful, four-ingredient salad that checks off high in fiber with 11g of dietary fiber in each serving.

From the Orchard

The almond sector’s innovative approaches to almond farming provide a unique view into zero waste and sustainability. California almond farmers are developing research-based solutions that contribute to a circular economy and are optimizing uses for almond byproducts like the hulls, shells, and woody biomass.

Learn more

Craving More Crunch?

For the last 50 years, the Almond Board of California has proudly partnered with almond industry food professionals at The Almond Conference to showcase the latest advancements in growing, producing and supplying the world’s #1 nut. The Almond Conference returns on December 6-8, 2022, at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, CA.

This year’s agenda will include breakout and poster sessions where attendees can learn about the best practices that help California almond farmers produce a quality and great-tasting almond crop such as water supply, irrigation and more. Conference attendees also can interact with a variety of exhibitors on the Expo Floor, raise a glass to the almond industry, and enjoy an entertainment-packed evening at the annual Gala.

Register for The 50th Annual Almond Conference here.

1 Innova Market Insights, Almond Products with Health Claims in North America and EU. December 2021

2 Innova Market Insights, Global New Product Introductions Report, 2020. May 2021.