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California almonds

Whether your wellness is going on a walk, laughing with friends, or reading a book, almonds - like a good friend - will always tag along.

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Vox Creative: Almond Farmers are Pioneering Sustainability
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Basking in the Beauty of #AlmondBloom

Almond bloom is the most beautiful time of year on a California almond farm.  So while we’re all a little more home-bound than usual this year, we wanted to bring some of that beauty to you!

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Promoting Pollinator Health and Stewardship
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Atlantic Rethink: A Part of the Solution

The Almond Board recently partnered with The Atlantic to the highlight the California almond community’s commitment to responsible farming. You can read a preview of that article here.

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Looking Back at the Sights and Sounds of #AlmondHarvest 2020

Want a behind the scenes look at this year’s harvest from the point of view of our farmers and others involved in the almond community? Or for an inside scoop on how farmers bring your favorite nut from orchard to pantry? We’ve pulled together posts from across social media using the #almondharvest hashtag to show you how it happens, straight from the source.

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Better Water Management for a Better California

Almond farmer Don Cameron recently penned an op-ed for leading California water publication, Maven’s Notebook. Learn More.