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The Almond Board recently partnered with The Atlantic to the highlight the California almond community’s commitment to responsible farming. You can read a preview of that article here.

Growing Good
Promoting Pollinator Health and Stewardship
Own It
Celebrate Almond Day with #16 Days of Almonds

Treat yourself to some TLC this National Almond Day by adding #almonds to your self-care routine.

Health & Wellness
Fitness E-News: Heart of Hearts
Health & Wellness
Supermarket Dietitians E-News: NNM 2021 Personalize Your Plate
Health & Wellness
Dietitian E-News: Heart of Hearts
Health & Wellness
Retail Dietitians E-News: Hooray for Heart Health

It’s a heart-filled month in February! Not only is it Valentine's Day and Heart Health Month, it also includes Almond Day, celebrated each year on February 16. Read on for more reasons to "heart" February.