Almond Nutrition, Roasting, Shelf Life and More: Almond Board Experts Offer Best Practices

California almonds are one of the most popular ingredients for snack products around the world. With more forms than any other tree nut, there are endless ways to achieve a variety of textures and flavors with almonds. And with each form and function, the Almond Board has prepared guidance and resources to help manufacturers maximize the use of almonds to the ingredients’ full potential.

Looking for guidance on almond roasting or shelf life?

Guangwei Huang

Meet Guangwei Huang, Associate Director of Food Research & Technology for the Almond Board.

For the last 17 years, Guangwei has worked at the Almond Board of California in various roles, most recently as Associate Director (Food Research & Technology), and previously as Principal Scientist, Senior Technical Manager and Technical Manager. Guangwei manages ABC’s almond quality, safety and processing technology, and co-product utilization research projects, and he conducts trade education events and food professional outreach activities.




Guangwei recently shared his expertise on almond best practices for ABC’s Q&Almonds article series:

For more materials on almond roasting and shelf life, download this technical toolkit from ABC.

Curious about the latest almond nutrition research?

Meet Swati Kalgaonkar, Associate Director, Nutrition Research Program for the Almond Board.

Dr. Swati Kalgaonkar’s primary focus is on oversight of ABC-contracted and management nutrition research, public policy analysis and synthesis. Her role at ABC also involves helping to identify research needs and knowledge gaps related to almond health benefits and communicating research results/progress to global audiences.

Dr. Kalgaonkar shares updates on the latest research into almond protein quality, and provides a look at the important role almonds can play in a heart-healthy diet in ABC’s Q&Almonds article series: Link to Q&Almonds coming soon.

For the latest information on almond health and nutrition, click to view the State of the Science report from the Almond Board. 



Seeking guidance on almond quality and safety?

Meet Tim Tim BirminghamBirmingham, Director of Quality Assurance and Industry Services for the Almond Board.

Tim’s efforts are focused on activities to address emerging and existing food safety issues, as well as ensure the ability to effectively address and identify issues that could impact almond quality. In this role, he has overseen the implementation of the mandatory treatment program for California almonds, the development of validation guidelines currently used throughout the low moisture food industry, and implementation of the Pre-Export Checks program for aflatoxin control.

2017 marked the first decade of the Almond Board’s groundbreaking almond pasteurization program. In this Q&Almonds article, Tim talks about the creation of that program, and the key factors to consider when designing and implementing food pasteurization programs.

Read more in A Decade of Protection with Mandatory Pasteurization.

Additionally, ABC was recently selected to receive the GMA Food Safety Award from the International Association for Food Protection, in recognition of the Board’s “preeminence in and contributions to the field of food safety.” Since the implementation of the pasteurization program there have been no reported foodborne illnesses related to almond consumption. You can read more about this announcement here.

For more materials on pasteurization and food quality, download this technical toolkit from ABC.


Not only are almonds an in-demand, versatile and sustainably-farmed ingredient, but the Almond Board itself is unparalleled in its expertise and the resources it develops for manufacturers looking to incorporate almonds into their products. In addition to a wealth of information on, manufacturers can contact the Almond Board directly with questions or to request information by emailing

Looking for more?

Explore opportunities for California almonds within snacking, chocolate, cereal and bakery, and access the latest research on consumer demand and taste and versatility. And, if seeking inspiration, the Almond Board’s dedicated Recipe Center offers a wealth of custom concepts across dayparts and snacking occasions, developed specifically for manufacturers.