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Episode 15: Farming, Fertilizer, and the Almond Leadership Program With Kyle McClintock


This episode visits Kyle McClintock, vice president and general manager of San Joaquin Fertilizer. He is also an almond grower at IB Farming, his family’s farming operation, and a current participant in the Almond Leadership Program.  On the fertilizer side, they specialize in crop fertility recommendations and foliar nutrients as well as a couple of proprietary liquid soil amendments. Kyle shares a little bit about crop fertility in almonds, the current situation with fertilizer prices and what changes he’s seen in his 11 years in both the fertilizer and farming businesses.

I know what it's like to be on one side of the desk and try to come in and discuss with a grower what we can do to help them out and help their operation. And then I also know what it's like to be behind that desk as the farmer and make those decisions on what is best for myself and my operation and how we optimize things. So, it gives me a pretty cool perspective about the whole thing.
Kyle McClintock

In Today’s episode:

  • Meet Kyle McClintock, the vice president and general manager of San Joaquin Fertilizer and an almond grower at IB Farming.
  • Explore Kyle’s background and the scope of his operations as both a producer and fertilizer manager.
  • Discover the benefits and process of the Almond Leadership Program.


In this industry, or anywhere, building relationships and networking is extremely important. You've got to expand your horizons, learn new things and meet new people. So I figured, this is my opportunity and I should take it and run with it. So that's what we did.
Kyle McClintock
ABC Update

You heard Kyle describe how he waited years before applying for the Almond Leadership Program, because initially, he wasn’t sure if it was for him. Almond Board Senior manager of industry relations and communications Jenny Nicolau describes who the Almond Leadership Program is designed for. If you apply and are admitted into the one-year program, you’re in for a tremendous year of learning, meeting new people, and gaining access to new ideas that you can use for the benefit of your work and the industry overall.

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