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The Almond Industry

A meeting place for everyone in the almond community.

Almond Orchard 2025 Goals


Reduce the amount of water per lb. of almonds by an additional 20%


Increase environmentally friendly pest management tools by 25%


Reduce dust during harvest by 50%


Achieve zero waste in the orchard by putting everything we grow to optimal use

Sustainability Program (CASP)

The Almond Board of California established the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) in 2009. This sustainability program tailor-made for California almond growers and processors educates participants about responsible, efficient growing practices and gathers information in aggregate about current growing techniques to support the industry on its journey towards continuous improvement.

Orchard Management

The Almond Board of California is committed to supporting growers in every area of orchard management – from orchard development to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), irrigation to soil health, pollination to crop protection, nutrients to harvest, and everything in between.

Research & Innovation

The Almond Board of California funds and publishes research on almond growing, almond nutrition, and more. Find out what we’re working on.

Processors & Suppliers

Find information on processing options and food safety for processors and suppliers.

Regulatory and Trade

Shipping almonds to 100+ countries calls for a dedicated focus on trade and regulatory issues.