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Courtney Collins
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Data Analyst
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Courtney Collins is a data analyst for the Almond Board of California. She is responsible for collecting, analyzing and reporting data related to the almond industry and ABC initiatives. Her analyses include global marketing data, global import and exports, trade regulation, production, economic impact and more.


Prior to joining ABC, Courtney worked as an advisor and analyst for the U.S. Air Force Academy Athletic Department, where she specialized in designing and implementing low-cost processes to advance the Air Force’s budgeting, analytics and reporting. Courtney worked closely with coaching staffs for 27 intercollegiate teams to improve budget and expense reporting, and her reports were key in successfully securing proper funding for the athletic department from Air Force personnel at the Pentagon.


She also lived in Germany, working for the U.S. Department of Finance and Accounting as a lead government liaison, handling high profile international contract issues in Europe and Africa. Courtney received recognition for her work from the Director of DFAS and Principal Deputy Director.


Courtney is a Northern California native and she moved back with her family to California near loved ones after living all over the U.S. and Europe while her husband, Matt, was in the Army. She now lives in Sacramento with her husband, son, daughter and her two canine children, Dobby the House Poodle and Kazy the Crazy little energetic mix. Courtney enjoys traveling, sports (Go Air Force Falcons) and on weekends, she and her family are out and about hiking, biking and exploring the beauty all around California.

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Courtney Collins, Data Analyst