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Holistic Wellness With Megan Roup

Eating right and maintaining a fitness routine are important steps in feeling our best, but achieving holistic wellness means more than just finding a groove. It means mindfulness, balance and truly living a healthy lifestyle in both mind and body.

This may sound simple in theory, but it can be a real challenge when life gets busy with family, special occasions and travel. Snacking on almonds is a great way to get essential nutrients including vitamin E, magnesium and protein, but how can we kick our wellness journey into high gear? We partnered with new mom, businesswoman and wellness guru Megan Roup to bring us tips for smart snacking, achieving holistic wellness and staying centered.

A former dancer, Megan fell in love with the idea of helping others achieve their fitness goals through the power of dance-like cardio and yoga. She spent years teaching fitness and crafting her techniques before launching The Sculpt Society in 2017. Her mission: to help others feel their best by getting the right nutrition, moving their bodies and finding wellness.

If you want to create a routine that works for you and brings results, identify what you’re lacking. Is it giving yourself permission to enjoy an indulgent snack break or time to fit in a workout? Wellness is meant to be individualized, there’s no one size fits all approach!
Megan Roup

Megan's Tips

1. Remember to Rest

It can become a never-ending cycle of putting pressure on ourselves to achieve something every day. But if all you did was rest during your day, there’s nothing wrong with that! It's important to give our bodies the time they need to recoup – from running around as a parent, working full-time or just juggling life – it's fine if all you did today was rest.

2. Let’s Get Habitual 

Before COVID-19 hit, my schedule was crazy and I was physically doing so much more. But I've been able to see just how unsustainable it was. One of the biggest lessons to learn is that you don’t need to work out for hours a day for it to be effective! What’s crucial is building a habit and fueling your body with what it’s craving. Even if it’s just a 5-minute workout quickie or enjoying a nourishing snack like almonds or almond butter, showing up more often in small chunks helps build a habit and a strong routine.

3. Dance It Out!

It’s important to feel confident and strong in our own bodies and give them some major love for everything they’re capable of. Moving your body through dance is not only fun but also effective. Wherever you are in difficulty level, dance is my favorite way to get daily movement in. Don’t forget to pair physical activity with smart snacking on foods like almonds. They’re packed with 6 grams of plant-based protein, 13 grams of unsaturated fat and 1 gram of saturated fat in just one handful (1 oz), making them the perfect post-workout snack.

4. Meditate Your Mornings. Whether you got more time back in your mornings by cutting out a commute or you’re just spending more time there in general, meditate! I love starting and ending my days by meditating and practicing gratitude. Even just taking five mindful minutes to myself to breathe and think about what I’m thankful for really helps me mentally prepare for what I have planned. It makes such an impact on what I’m doing throughout my days.

5. Better Food. Better Mood.

I like to give my body the food that helps me be my best self. Almonds are my go-to mid-day snack when I need an extra oomph in my step as they are a natural energy booster. They're a perfect trifecta of taste, health and convenience, packed with nutrients to help you feel good all around. Whatever your plans for the day may be, choose snacks that keep you fueled and motivated to perform your best, reconnect with family and friends, and explore the outdoors, without weighing you down.

6. It’s the Year to DIY!

There are so many benefits to making your own meals and snacks at home. To start – you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. No surprises! When you DIY, you have an opportunity to include healthier ingredients and can even bring your family together to talk about your days. For me, DIY means serving up a unique combination of plant-based protein, fiber and good fats like almonds! Their appealing flavor means there are many ways to enjoy them: from an almond milk smoothie or a handful of a roasted, sweet, spicy or savory almond variety. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you make it your own!

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