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Apple-Almond Crunch Butter

Created by Rob Corliss on behalf of Almond Board of California



Prep Time

About 20 minutes

Serves: 1 Tbsp
  • 4oz Creamy Almond Butter
  • .35oz Light Brown Sugar
  • .02oz Ground Cinnamon
  • .02oz Ground Nutmeg
  • .01oz Ground Cloves
  • .75oz Dried, Small-Chopped Fuji Apples
  • .35oz Small-Chopped, Natural Almonds
  • .15oz Puffed Quinoa
  1. Place Almond Butter, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Cloves in a mixing bowl and stir to evenly combine.
  2. Add Apples, Small-Chopped Almonds, and Puffed Quinoa and stir to evenly combine.
  3. Place Apple-Almond Crunch Butter in a sealed container and reserve at room temperature.
Nutritional Info
Per Serving
Calories 80
Total Fat 7g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 25mg
Total Carbohydrates 4g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Total Sugars 2g Includes 0g Added Sugars
Protein 3g
Vitamin D 0mcg
Calcium 40mg

Almond butter loaded with bites of soft-dried fuji apples, small chopped almonds, puffed quinoa and a touch of brown sugar and cinnamon— crafting an irresistible almond butter spread with multiple sources of plant-based protein.

Did you know?

In addition to almonds being a delicious ingredient in our recipes they’re also heart healthy, gut healthy, and full of vitamins and nutrients - explore Health & Nutrition to learn more. Not only that, almond farmers are dedicated to sustainability - find out how they’re Growing Good.