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California Almonds Bar with Toasted Almond Milk Ganache and Rosemary Caramel

Created by Chef Paul A. Young on behalf of the Almond Board of California.



Milk Chocolate Shell
  • Milk chocolate shell - 45% Casa Luker Caribe, tempered.
Toasted Almond Milk Ganache Ingredients:
  • 50g California Almonds
  • 200 mls Boiling Water
  • 25g Unrefined golden caster sugar
  • 200g 40% Casa Luker Noche milk couverture
Rosemary Caramel Ingredients:
  • 75g Unsalted butter
  • 75g Unrefined light muscovado sugar
  • 75g Double cream
  • 2g Sea salt flakes
  • 3g Rosemary leaves chopped
  • 20g 45% Casa Luker Caribe milk couverture
Cocoa Nib Praline Ingredients:
  • 25g cocoa nibs
  • 100g Unrefined golden caster sugar
Almond Brittle Ingredients:
  • 50g Toasted California Almonds
  • 60% Casa Luker Macondo couverture
White Chocolate Blueberry Ingredients:
  • 30 blueberries
  • 200g White chocolate
Sea salt Flakes, for finishing
Toasted Almond Milk Ganache Preparation:
  1. Toast 15g of the almonds by placing a cold oven set at 170 degrees c fan, turn on and time 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. Blanch the remaining 45g of almonds in boiling water for 5 minutes, then plunge into iced water until cold. Peel the skins off and discard.
  3. Blend both blanched and toasted almonds together until as smooth as possible.
  4. Strain through a fine strainer or through muslin cloth and squeeze out all of the liquid.
  5. Bring the toasted almond milk to a simmer with the caster sugar.
  6. Pour onto the chocolate and immersion blend until smooth.
Rosemary Caramel Preparation:
  1. Melt together the butter, sugar and rosemary, simmer for one minute, add the sea salt and mix.
  2. Remove from the heat adding the cream, whisk well.
  3. Mix in the milk chocolate until melted and use an immersion blender to emulsify.
  4. Strain and place aside.
Cocoa Nib Praline Preparation:
  1. Warm the cacao nibs in a medium oven for 5 minutes.
  2. Melt the sugar and caramelize, add the nibs, mix and tip onto baking paper, spread thinky and allow to cool.
Almond Brittle Preparation:
  1. Blitz the almonds to a coarse texture.
  2. Temper the 60% dark chocolate and mix in the almonds.
White Chocolate Blueberry Preparation:
  1. Temper the white chocolate and dip the tops of the blue berries in the chocolate, place aside to set. Do not refrigerate.
  2. Spread onto acetate, place another acetate sheet on top. With a rolling pin roll flat and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  3. Peel away the acetate and break the brittle into shards.
Final Bar Construction
  1. Pipe 20g of Rosemary caramel into each bar shell and allow to set.
  2. Pipe 20g of Toasted almond milk ganache on top of the caramel and allow to set.
  3. Cap off the bar with tempered chocolate and immediately position the almond brittle, cocoa nib praline, blueberries, toasted almonds, rosemary flowers or small edible flowers, and sea salt crystals into the chocolate before it sets.
  4. Eat the bar at room temperature.
Did you know?

In addition to almonds being a delicious ingredient in our recipes they’re also heart healthy, gut healthy, and full of vitamins and nutrients - explore Health & Nutrition to learn more. Not only that, almond farmers are dedicated to sustainability - find out how they’re Growing Good.