From the Orchard: Making Every Drop Count

For many almond farmers, a regular orchard task is irrigation system maintenance. That’s a fancy way of saying that, just like you might keep an eye on your backyard sprinklers to ensure they’re working well, almond farmers closely monitor… Read more

California Almond Orchards: Growing More Than Just a Delicious Nut

Today the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported that California’s almond acreage increased in 2016. Bearing acres – that is orchards old enough to produce a crop – were reported at 940,000 acres, up 2 percent from… Read more

Almond Board-Funded Research: Simple Swap-In of Almonds Can Add Up to Big Nutrition

Did you know that 92 percent of Americans snack sometime throughout the day,1 and, often, more than once? So when you think about it, your snacking choices can be key to making or breaking an eating pattern. A recent study2 funded by the… Read more

New Summary of Research Findings Supports Almonds? Role in Heart Health

Let the cholesterol education efforts begin! September kicks off National Cholesterol Education Month, a time dedicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to encourage Americans to get their blood cholesterol checked and to… Read more

California?s Mediterranean Climate

One of the reasons people love California is the sunshine. But people aren?t the only ones that love California?s weather. Almond trees thrive here because California is one of the few places on earth with a Mediterranean climate, perfect… Read more

Researcher Works to Mimic Nature with Tree Recycling

Almond Board of California is celebrating its community by running occasional features on farmers, processors, and others who support the industry, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.1 As equipment rumbled, a group of… Read more

California Almonds in the Colorado Rockies: Food Trends Tour

Recently, the Almond Board of California (ABC) hosted a group of foodservice and food industry trade media for a culinary tour to highlight innovative uses of almonds by local foodservice and product development professionals. Over the… Read more

The California Almond Community Works Hard to Safeguard Honey Bees ? Our Vital Partners in Producing Almonds

Click to EnlargeMillions of the California Almond industry?s hardest working partners ? honey bees ? are buzzing into orchards to pollinate billions of almond blossoms in the process to produce this year?s crop. In doing so they will feast… Read more

Employee Q&A: James Fillmore of our Corporate Technology Department

In our new ABC Q&A series, we bring you brief interviews with some of the minds driving innovation at the Almond Board of California. We speak to a wide variety of folks who work here at the Almond Board, exploring topics from research… Read more

Looking Back: A Snapshot of Almond Food Safety Milestones

Food safety is something that we often take for granted. We expect a safe and plentiful food supply, but don’t always think about all the people and steps necessary to make it happen. Over the past 15 years, California Almonds has emerged… Read more