Blog Archives for: February 2018

How the Almond Community Supports Bee Health in Orchards and Beyond

Through research insights and partnerships with universities, government agencies, nonprofits, and others, the California Almond community works diligently to ensure that honey bees are happy, healthy, and safe while they visit almond… Read more

Honey Bees Benefit from a Buffet of Flowering Plants

Almond Board of California is celebrating its community by running occasional features on farmers, processors, and others who support the industry, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.1 It’s almond bloom season! The bees are… Read more

Celebrate Your Favorite Heart-Smart Nut on Almond Day!

Happy Almond Day! Almond Day is celebrated annually on February 16, in conjunction with Heart Health Month, because almonds and heart health go hand in hand. In fact, scientific evidence suggests that eating 1.5 ounces of most nuts, such… Read more

Almonds + Honey: A Sweet Pairing

Every almond you eat exists because a honey bee pollinated an almond blossom, but did you know the bees benefit, too? Almond orchards provide honey bees with their first natural food source each year, supporting a healthy start to their… Read more

Without Honey Bees There Would Be No Almonds

It’s that time of year again! Between February and March, almond tree buds burst into beautiful blooms, and honey bees come to California Almond orchards. Every almond you eat exists because a honey bee pollinated an almond blossom.… Read more