California Almonds: Growing Good with Each Drop

Did you know that growing almonds is a good use of water? That’s right – new research published in the Journal of Ecological Indicators affirms that almonds rank among the most valuable foods grown in California in terms of the… Read more

California Almonds in the City of Angels: Food Trends Tour

Los Angeles is considered to have a health-focused and innovative food scene fueled by locally sourced ingredients. In February, Almond Board of California (ABC) hosted a food trends tour of the City of Angels to check out some of the most… Read more

Beer, Plastic, and Fuel: The Future of Almond Coproducts

Did you know that almond trees grow multiple products? In addition to the kernel that we eat, almond trees also produce coproducts – the hulls and shells that protect the nut during its development. These almond coproducts have been… Read more

Almond Board CEO Forecasts Almond Community Growth

For nearly 30 years the California Almond community has been committed to making significant strides in sustainability1 through production improvements and adoption of more efficient technologies. In fact, one pound of almonds is now grown… Read more

A Growing Opportunity for Almond Milk

Got almond milk? In 2017, many Americans did have some, with the category growing to be the second largest almond volume category, according to retail estimates. With this opportunity, the Almond Board launched new communications… Read more

World Water Day: Solutions Inspired by Nature

This World Water Day, and every day, we celebrate California Almond farmers’ commitment to sustainable water solutions. These solutions can be found all around us in nature, as highlighted by this year's World Water Day theme, “Nature for… Read more

Enjoy Eating Almonds? Thank a Honey Bee!

During almond bloom each year, bees move from tree to tree and pollinate almond blossoms along the way. Every almond you eat exists because a honey bee pollinated an almond blossom. Watch how almonds depend on bees - and how bees depend… Read more

Own Your Everyday. Every Day.

There’s a lot of stuff to do every day. Yep, no news there. Getting through it all is part of our everyday routine. But for many people, getting things checked off the to-do list, and taking care of the people around us, is something we… Read more

Honey Bee Guru Honored as One of the Most Influential Apiculturists in the Nation

Almond Board of California is celebrating its community by running occasional features on farmers, processors, and others who support the industry, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.1 Internationally known honey bee guru… Read more

How the Almond Community Supports Bee Health in Orchards and Beyond

Through research insights and partnerships with universities, government agencies, nonprofits, and others, the California Almond community works diligently to ensure that honey bees are happy, healthy, and safe while they visit almond… Read more