Almond Board Shares the Journey of Almonds from Orchard to Table at Annual ‘Ag in the Classroom’ Conference

The fact that almonds grow on trees is knowledge our community often takes for granted. In fact, many students in California don’t actually realize almonds grow on trees. Additionally, some are unaware of the abundance of agricultural… Read more

Harvest is in Full Swing

Harvest is in full swing on the farm. Some farmers around us started a good week or two before us, but we finally started shaking last week.  Harvest starting all depends on soil type, water moisture in the nuts, weather and tree variety… Read more

Food Quality & Safety Symposium Helps Ensure Almond Lovers Enjoy a High-Quality Nut

Last month Almond Board of California (ABC) hosted its 19th Annual Food Quality and Safety Symposium. Events like this are important because they help the California Almond community deliver the high quality almonds that consumers love.… Read more

California’s Mediterranean Climate

One of the reasons people love California is the sunshine. But people aren’t the only ones that love California’s weather. Almond trees thrive here because California is one of the few places on earth with a Mediterranean climate, perfect… Read more


There are several factors driving a growing interest in understanding environmental impacts and their economic implications. Consumers are increasingly becoming more interested in the environmental effects of their food choices, while… Read more

The California Almond Community Works Hard to Safeguard Honey Bees – Our Vital Partners in Producing Almonds

Click to EnlargeMillions of the California Almond industry’s hardest working partners – honey bees – are buzzing into orchards to pollinate billions of almond blossoms in the process to produce this year’s crop. In doing so they will feast… Read more

Bees and Almonds: A Sweet History

Almond Board of California is celebrating its community by running occasional features on farmers, processors, and others who support the industry, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.1 Garber Poultry Farm was established in… Read more

Ode to Almond Milk

February is a month filled with expressions of love. To celebrate in February and beyond, California Almonds is sharing all the things to love about almonds, including a consumer favorite: almond milk. Consumers have many choices when it… Read more

ABC Continues Commitment to Research with New $4.7M Investment

Happy National Almond Day and National Innovation Day! This is the perfect occasion to announce that the Almond Board of California (ABC) is investing $4.7 million in 82 independent, third-party research projects exploring next-generation… Read more

Blooming Pastures Provide Appetizers and Dessert for Busy Honey Bees

Given that each almond you eat is the result of pollination by a honey bee, there’s no doubt of their importance to the California almond industry. With continuing concerns about honey bee health, almond farmers are doing more than ever to… Read more